Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's Up Wednesday

For those who know me and my little family personally it won’t be a huge surprise that we’ve taken up another activity so we can enjoy the outdoors. Typically in the past we have limited our hiking activities to our trips to Montana. Late this summer DH and I were discussing how much opportunities we have here in Washington to enjoy hiking. Not to mention that Idaho and Oregon are only a hop skip and a jump away. Day hiking having less of a time commitment than our normal camping trip is a huge bonus also. I do get a little knitting done on these trips. DH usually drives so it is a toss up between sleeping and knitting for me. I’ll be honest though, sometimes sleeping prevails knitting in the car more than it should! So far we have done 3 hikes. Almost Buck Ridge, Blue Mountains, Washington; Hanford Reach, Washington; and Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls, Hood River, Oregon. This coming weekend we are going to do the Naches Loop near Mt. Rainer.

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Thea said...

hey, thanks for checking in on my blog - I had to cruise over and see yours when you did -- what gorgeous hikes and pics - wish I was back on the West Coast just looking at them! :-)